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Monday, 18 April 2011

Ed's Z5 SL (in Spain)

Got a lovely email from Ed that I thought I would share

Hi Barry

I've sent you a couple of pics of the Z5SL slumming it around the badlands of Andalucia last week - might be useful for the blogsite?

I headed down there with a few guys from Reading CC and spent 6 days riding around some of the big climbs of the Sierra Nevada mountains, including the Alto de Velefique (known as the Alpe de Andulucia) and the Calo Alto. The climbs are awesome - not as epic as the biggest Alps but at this time of year you can do a 2 hour climb and 30 minute descent and see no more than 3 or 4 cars in that time - many of the roads are regularly resurfaced for the Vuelta and are as smooth as a test track.

The Z5 was a joy to take out there. The lightness made the climbing superb (even the plus 15%) and the stiffness and shape gave me the confidence the allow greater and greater speed on the way back down - and consequently I needed the brakes far less than in the past.

I hope that the shop is taking shape!


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