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Friday, 22 April 2011

Welcoming Tom Sturdy...

It gives me great pleasure to say that we have sponsored an athlete for the first time
Over the years a number of people have approached us, but its been the usual "I'm a Cat 1, can I have a free bike please"
With Tom it was very different - not only is he an exceptional athlete, but a bright guy as well and it was as much as his academic background as well as his sporting one that made us think this could be a great fit

His initial email to me contained this line
"I mentioned before that I have an engineering background with extensive experience with composites. This is my main reason for approaching you as I really appreciate the benefits of a Parlee!"

He is a brief blurb on Tom - the newest addition to the Bespoke team

With a long history in high level sport Tom started his athletic career in slalom kayaking where he progressed quickly to compete at international level within three years of taking up the sport. After a change of circumstances forced the end of this career Tom tuned his attention to the great outdoors and was soon venturing on, and leading expeditions around the world from alpine ascents to Arctic treks. This path led him to the Royal Marines where he scored highly in their notoriously gruelling selection process despite his young age. It was not until Tom attended Loughborough University that he was introduced to triathlon which he initially took up to maintain his fitness for the Marines.

Four years and two degrees later Tom is embarking on his career as a professional triathlete after a rapid rise through the ranks of triathlon which has seen him win regional and national titles along the way. Tom's involvement with Bespoke Cycling is no co-incidence; his academic background in Engineering, Aerodynamics and Sports biomechanics gives him a discerning eye when it comes to all things bike. He knows just what goes into making a bike go fast and sought out a shop that could provide the whole package and is looking forward to flying the Bespoke flag.

Having topped the domestic race scene last year this season Tom is racing throughout Europe in triathlons ranging from Olympic distance (1.5k swim, 40k bike, 10k run) up to the unique 222 events (2k swim, 20k bike, 20k run) and is looking to establish himself on the european professional circuit. As it stands his main focus for the season will be the ETU long distance championships to be held in Finland in August.

Check back here to follow his progress... We wish him every success !!

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