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Friday, 29 April 2011

Product test: Assos sV.blitzFeder

Not a name to roll off of the tongue - the vest will now be known as the SV (the sleeved Jacket version is cunningly named the SJ)
Though its not meant to be called a vest - Assos prefer it to be known as a sleeveless shell as that is meant to better describe its windbreaker properties....
So am I - BUT the main thing is that it is brilliant, and has been the best bit of clothing I have bought all year (replacing my beloved Habu5 Jacket which got me through the start of the year)

I wear the SV everywhere - riding into work at 6-7 am is not very warm so this gives much needed wind-breaker protection. Same for those ckeey early morning weekend rides and I imagine for everyone doing long rides or European trips this is a must have item -would be perfect for long Alpine descents when you can get quite a chill

Its made out of the Foil043 fabric which is super light, and does not rustle in the wind (a pet hate of mine)
Its best trick is how small it is - coming home from work (or 1 hr into a long weekend ride) you may no longer need the SV so you simply fold it up into the stuff-bag that is sown into it
Its is tiny, and takes up half a jersey pocket - and that is its best trick:
Use it and it is great, but if you dont need it it simply hides in your pocket taking up minimal room ready to bail you oit if the weather turns

Everyone who comes into the new shop is shown this vest, such is my excitement. Feedback from the chaps who have them has all been uniformly positive
Another resounding success from the clever chaps at Assos

Ps Yes - that is me in the photo....

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Anonymous said...

HI Barry:

which one are the main differences between assos climaschutz and assos blitzfeeder?

is it worth the extra 70-80 quids on the climashutz?