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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Brett's diary Day 2

Day 2 - for the people that have been to Lanza will understand the day we had if i say consistent 42km hour winds..

Amazing tough day riding up 8-12% climbs straight into that wind, rode out on the IM course to the most northerly point, 30 miles took over 2 hours with 4 strong riders.. Group broken up all over the road. The ludicrous effort was made up for by the amazing views of aqua green seas up north..

The descent was pretty full on, could imagine this being tricky on race day, as we dropped below the wind and finished the descent in the bars, hit 48 mph, now that feels fast in aero guy got a speed wobble at 44mph and unsurprisingly bricked it, turns out to be a loose front skewer, but a good reminder to all of us about descending like that...didn't stop us hitting 50mph later in the day though ;)

Run straight off the bike, along the seafront, which is also the IM course 45 mins again at half IM pace suffered the last 5 mins due to the that is something i need to consider on race day...

Really enjoying my time here and learning a lot about heat and riding in the wind..

Had I not come to the island, I would have totally underestimated this course, glad to be here and learn...

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