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Friday, 13 January 2012

Brett's Accelerade review

I am a huge fan of Accelerade, and have been using it regularly since November. I managed to convince my man Brett to try some and here is his review


Just wanted to contribute to your reader reviews…

I started using Accelerade in my build to Kona this year, there were two things that drew me to it. The first was the 4:1 carb \ protein ratio, now the jury still seem to be out on protein boosting performance within a session but the experts do seem to agree that taking protein in during a session does aid recovery.. So, with that in mind, in the final build I thought it worth a shot based on this alone, I was tiring towards then end of the build and very much looking forward to the taper so I could ease back again…

One of my very last key sessions was 5 hours which consisted of 1:00 power build on bike then 15 minute race pace run x 4, nice uh ? This session went well I believe in no small part due to accelerade drink and gels. First thing that strikes are the flavours, think I had orange gels and bubble-gum drink? Both tasted great, to the extent I drank more than normal each time I remembered to drink that is. I used 2 gels through this period and about 3 bottles, each time I got off the bike to run, I found I had the energy to do so. I also felt a little energy surge from each gel, the last two intervals pushing the higher watts is a struggle especially for 20 minutes at a time but the gels genuinely seemed to help.

I didn’t use the products during the race in Kona as I believe firmly in being able to race off of what is available on the course. However, I have used the product since my return and throughout the winter so far. I am still using them, and seem to be able to go further on less, having completed a few 4+ hour rides on two bottles only, I mix them slightly higher than recommended, as this seems to still give me the energy feed I need.

One comment I heard from a friend who I gave some too was that it didn’t seem to quench her thirst, I hadn’t noticed this before but now it does feel like that sometimes, but the energy is still there, strange, but that’s how it feels. I continue to use it in training incl some harder turbo sets, I think it’s one of the best products out there, and as you know, I have tried most of them..


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