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Sunday, 22 January 2012

S-Works Prevail helmet (quick) review

I have historically been either a Giro or a Specialized helmet man and my last 3 helmets have been (in reverse order) the Giro Ionos, Specialized 2D and Giro Atmos.
I am currently riding the Ionos and am really liking it - its crazy light and fits very well (far better than the Atmos did on me).
However this morning I realised I had left my helmet at work, but my riding partner Dean said he would lent me his Prevail. He likes his so much he bought two - one is in 'race' mode and the other has all his extra commuting lights attached to it. Clever.....

Thus this is a review based on only one ride but I have to say I was very impressed. The Prevail retails for £159.99, so is £40 less than the Ionos, and whilst its 20 gms heavier, it is still a substantial 70 gms less than the Atmos. I also much prefer the Specialized retention mechaninism - it is far more granular than the Giro's. Specialized also claims it is extremely aero (this was the helmet Cav won the Worlds with where the covered all the vents up). Specialized claim that at a steady 250 watts for an hr you would be 250m up the road if you were wearing the Prevail vs the Giro. Of course these are manufacturer statements and need to be taken as such but it just goes to show how the criteria for a top helmet has changed. Safety and ventilation are now taken as a given, the new battlefield is ever decreasing weight and ever improving aerodynamics.
Over 4 hrs of riding I did not think about the helmet once, which to me is the acid test.
Will I buy one to replace my Ionos.?
Probably, but am afraid I am vain enough to first ask my friends which looks better on me !

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