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Sunday, 1 January 2012

New years resolutions

Its that time of year again!

I told my wife last night that I was hoping 2012 was a quieter year than the craziness of 2011. Opening the new shop space and the birth of our second baby boy has knocked me for six a bit to be honest!

I said at the start of last year that I had no real cycling goals and that if the shop was a success and I became fat as a result that would be a good year. As such I only entered one main event for the whole year (and even that was half baked with the inevitable painful consequences).
So this year I want to have my cake and eat it....and given my current appetite that is a pretty god analogy.
I am the heaviest I have been since Uni and that coupled with my steel bike with mud guards has made the Kent hills a real slog this winter.
But the fightback starts now!
I have entered a number of UK sportives and the big European one for us will be Quebrantos in Spain - a bunch of us are doing it and would love more people to joing for the inaugural Bespoke club championships!

On the Ironman side I am planning to give Roth another good go- its such a quick course that it would be rude not to

To get me in shape I will be using all the toys we have the shop - including biomechanical sessions with Ben, regular testing with our new Vo2 machine and even using our hypoxia altitude machine closer to the time.

I will keep updating this blog with progress (or lack thereof). I am hoping the fear of humiliation will keep me hitting the turbo and sticking away from the chocolate muffins.
Wishing you all the very best in your personal, professional and cycling aspirations in 2012.
All the very best

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