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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Gerald's Firefly with Ui2

This bike completes Geralds fleet. He has a carbon Parlee Z1, a Ti Kent Eriksen Full Sus MTB and now he has a epic all roads Stainless steel Firefly. 3 masters, in 3 materials for 3 different purposes.
This bike is all noteworthy as its the first Ui2 build that we have built up. Matt says it went together beautifully and was far simpler than Di2. We await a detailed ride report from Gerald.
It does look stunning which helps - the polished decals with the stainless frame really does look subtle but very striking up close.

We went for the Belgian pro vibe with the wheels; they are Dura Ace hubs laced to Ambrosio Excellence rims and shod with Vittoria Pave 27mm tyres.
The bike should be an absolute blast to ride!!

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