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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Parlee Z1 custom Tourer

This is a very special bike indeed. Its a present from a husband to his wife, and the design brief was a touring bike that would be a delight to ride and also have the ability to take some light loads when they were riding in the Pyrenees.

The frame is a Z1 custom tourer and has the Kandy red tint to the carbon clearcoat. The graphics are a new font to us, and hand-painted cream decals. The gruppo is an Ultegra triple with a TA crankset (to help with those mountains!).
Matt hand-built some wheels around a SON dynamo front and rear. The wiring for the dynamo is incredibly neat - Matt bought some different coloured heat shrink so he could attach it to other cables to minimise any clutter. The saddle is a cream colour, so we had to find a way to get bar tape to match. Our solution was to get our favourite white Arundel tape and then leave it in a coloured brown dye. It took a couple of rolls of tape to get the time we left it there right (so yes we do have some dark brown bar tape if anyone wants it!).

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escargot des pyrenees said...

And she is very pleased with it too: a big thank you to Barry and Matt for all the fiddly work on this beautiful build.